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India is a huge and colorful land, consists a population of 1.3 billion spreads across its several cities, towns and innumerable villages. India’s seventy percent population resides in villages, where the essence of real India can be felt. Most of India’s population of villages is in to Adam’s profession. India is for a traveler of catholic tastes. If one wants to enjoy India, he must avoid standing on ceremony. India is one of the few countries in the world where there is co-existence of multiple religions, cultures and traditions – displaying true unity in diversity.

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Travel to India can be a real pleasure and culturally fulfilling experience by exploring and discovering its ancient and modern cities, towns and villages. The only rule to make India visit a lifetime experience, the traveler is advised to go with the flow. As you travel from north to south and east to west, you will be awe-struck by different cultures and locations, people and Gods, arts, religion, the variety of languages spoken, traditions followed and lives lived! Discovering India’s scenic beauty, rich heritage and religious dynamism is an experience of a lifetime!

Travinfoindia aims at showcasing some of the well-known and not-so-well-known cities, towns and villages of India. Discover India! Offers a wide range of questions accompanied with an in-depth explanation to answers that take you through the unique culture, history and geography of India. invites you to come and explore this magnificent country of millions of Gods and faiths on your own. If you are looking for places to go for a vacation or planning a business or leisure trip to India. If you have heard a lot about India but don’t know much about it? In case you are looking for an ultimate place where you could find everything from snow-clad peaks, crystal glaciers, majestic mountains, sand dunes and monuments to beautiful valleys, roaring rivers, trekking, white water rafting, wildlife, amazing coastlines and magical honeymoons? offers a wide range of questions accompanied with an in-depth explanation to answers that take you through the unique culture, history and geography of India. The travelers are recommended to come and discover this magnificent country on their own with our expertise and practical suggestions.

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Our effort is to equip the visiting travelers, in-depth knowledge of India with various aspects of Indian lifestyle such as its arts and culture, history and legends, cuisine and crafts and unexplored destinations.

India, a land of mystery and fascination, where age-old rituals and customs still prevail. You might have the opportunity to witness pilgrims praying to the holy Ganges, hundreds of floating lamps along the holy river, enjoy the melodious rhythms of the musicians and colorfully dressed dancers perform at fairs and festivals. Moreover, taste the exotic cuisine of Indian states and much more.

At last but not the least the traveler would be able to know the achievements of India in the golden past, older than the modern history which is not very well known to the rest of the world, include how India discovered zero, calculated the circumference of the Earth and wrote the world’s first sex guide, The Kama Sutra. A unique land where celebration of sex immortalized in temples in the form of statues still draws a lot of international tourists to Khajuraho, a memorial dedicated to the beloved of a king The Tajmahal at Agra and lessons of living peaceful and meaningful life is still being taught trough Yoga and Mediation at Rishikesh. The wonderful personalities such as the son of a king left the worldly pleasures in search of truth, attained enlightenment and known as Lord Buddha, is the creator of Buddhism, the religion later spread beyond the borders of India and adopted by some countries as their main religion such as Srilanka, China, Tibbet, Myanmar and Japan. A humble lawyer who studied in South Africa and became the torch bearer of Indian independence movement attained independence for India that too through non violence is known to the world as Mahatma Gandhi and some remarkable well known industrialists responsible for the India’s economic might such as Ambanis, Laxminiwas Mittal, Ruias,Tatas, Birlas and many more are just some drops from the ocean known to the world as India.

Important: India is a destination filled with excellent locations, natural beauties, The Himalaya, The Ganges, The wildlife, fairs and festivals, cuisines, amazing religious rituals, considerable coasts, islands, deserts, san dunes and above all its peoples. facilitates the traveler to feel the real pulse of India. Contact Us for India travel arrangements.

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