Travel to India – How we go about it?

Travel India Travel India to see incredible destinations. We assist India visitor with all logistics required to travel India for everyone be it a solo traveler, couple, family, friends, educational institutes, corporate travel and group tours. We offer you professional assistance required to make your trip to India comfortable and relaxed as per the available time. We may also arrange India tour for you at short notice. Please contact us for any special trip assistance that you had been yearning for years, we will try our best cater your need.  We specialize in luxury tours India.

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We follow a step-by-step procedure to plan a trip for you with necessary practical inputs that are useful if you know them beforehand. It starts with the filling of simple online form mentioning your name, email id and requirement. The more details you would provide us the more efficiently we will be able to assist you. Our customised tours are based on an idea to allow you to decide visiting holiday destinations as per your choice and interests. The itineraries are recommendations to give you basic inputs of possibilities so that you may plan your desired holiday as per your interests only that can be completely tailored to suit your likes.

Check out our step by step process to give you an idea as how we execute your India Visit. 

STEP 1. Once the traveler submits completely filled up Plan my trip (PMT) form, requesting to arrange his/her India trip as per his/her suitability mentioning date of visit, destination, duration and budget etc then…

STEP 2. Our travel experts of the concerned region of India, plan a trip as per the visiting travelers requirements. A routing chart mentioning the distance between the destinations, mode of transport, days of stay at each destination etc is sent for approval.

STEP 3. Once routing is approved a proposed itinerary (complete travel plan) is sent and clarifications are sought from the traveler if any.

STEP 4. Once the proposed itinerary is approved, final itinerary is sent for approval.

STEP 5. Once the final itinerary is approved, costing is done and sent for approval.

STEP 6. Once the costing is approved and payment is done the necessary process of booking hotel rooms, transportation, air/train tickets etc are done and informed accordingly.

STEP 7. When the trip starts a dedicated  24X7 travel coordinator is deputed to assist you whenever you need while traveling India.


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    Travel to India

    We organize Travel to India for solo traveler, couple, family, friends, educational institutes, corporates and group....check it out

  • Why travel with us ?
    We offer India travel package tour to travelers who want to visit India as an individual leisure, business or small group traveler. We don't take any chances since we believe that your trip should be truly unforgettable...more
  • Educational Tour
    Educational tour is a media where student travel trips are organized as part of their curriculum. School trip and college trip offer a lot of practical knowledge to the students along with theoretical knowhow. Student trips can teach some of the most valuable lessons of life to the students in a short span of time that is otherwise might take long once the student life is over. more
  • Corporate Trips in India
    Corporate travel in India is getting popular day by day as it has variety of destinations to offer. There are number of corporate travel companies in India that organize India Travel as per the corporate business travel requirement for group tours. Corporate tour is conducted with professional efficiency that caters the requirements of business travel.....more