India Train Travel

India Train Travel

Looking for train journeys in India during holidays ? Check out India Train Travel option with us. India Train Travel is a complete thrill and excitement. Experience the matchless journeys by trains in India. Train journey in India has cajoled authors, filmmakers and travel enthusiasts from world over. We organise India Group Tours for discerning overseas travellers, solo travellers.

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India Train Travel is a carefully knit itinerary that is ideal for retired peoples, group of friends, family or colleagues. This trip can be covered in 4 weeks time. Our idea is to familiarize you with train journeys in India that is not only challenging but exciting also simultaneously. The experience of rail journeys in India is matchless.

There is no other railway network in the world that compares it vastness. India Train Travel is something to be cherished for life. It ferries 20 million passengers daily on a track of 64, 000 kilometers connecting India from North to South.

India Trip by Train commences from Delhi and concludes in Delhi. In between you will be visiting eight well known India destinations immersed with culture, daily Hindu religious rituals at Ganges, out of the world 10th Century divine sculptures, forts & Palaces, renowned cattle fare at Pushkar in November 2016, awesome camel rides in deserts, relaxation filled with romance and divine caves at Ajanta & Ellora and much more.

N.B: Please note that this is a suggestive itinerary only that can be customized as per your preferences.

Duration : 28 Nights/29 Days
Routing : Delhi – Varanasi- Khajuraho- Jaipur – Pushkar- Jaipur – Jaisalmer- Udaipur-Mumbai- Aurangabad – Delhi
Destination : Delhi – 1 Night/ Varanasi – 4 Nights/ Khajuraho – 1 Night/ Jaipur – 2 Nights/ Pushkar – 2 Nights/ Jaipur –1 Night/ Jaisalmer – 3 Nights/ Udaipur – 4 Nights/ Mumbai – 1 Night/ Aurangabad – 2 Nights/ Delhi – 1 Night
Accommodation: Luxury/ Deluxe/ Heritage
Transportation : A.C.Coach for sightseeing & Transfers
Overnight Train Journeys : Seven Sectors as per the itinerary

Day by day

Day 1: Arrival Delhi: Assistance upon arrival at Delhi International airport, transfer to the hotel for overnight stay.

Day 2-5: Delhi – Varanasi : OVERNIGHT TRAIN: Today morning spend your day relaxing or visiting your favorite place in Delhi. We will accommodate you near the city center so that you may have easy access to the markets or sightseeing places. You may even try Metro train to roam around the city. In the evening board overnight train from Delhi to reach Varanasi next morning. Spend 3 night nights in Varanasi. Excursion to SARNATH in one of your staying days.

Day 6-7: Varanasi – Khajuraho:
 OVERNIGHT TRAIN/FLIGHT: On 6th day, enjoy your morning at the ghats and few hours in the narrow lanes or relax as per your wish. Check out from the hotel at noon, reach Varanasi Junction train station in the evening to board overnight train and reach Khajuraho next day morning. We assist and transfer you to the hotel. Having freshened up, visit world famous temples for the day. Overnight train from Varanasi to Khajuraho runs only thrice in a week. If no train available on your scheduled day, you will be booked in flight.

TRAIN : Varanasi – Khajuraho : Runs three days a week : Mon,Wed,Sat : Departs: 17.45 Hrs Arrives : 05.15 Hrs : Takes 11.30 Hrs

Day 8-10: Khajuraho – Jaipur: OVERNIGHT TRAIN: Today morning transfer to the Khajuraho train station to board train to Jaipur. This morning train takes around 14 hrs to reach Jaipur. Assistance upon arrival at train station then transfer to the hotel for two nights stay. Explore Jaipur by car for two days.

TRAIN: Khajuraho – Jaipur: Runs all days : Departs: 09.10 Hrs Arrives : 22.50 Hrs : Takes 13.40 Hrs

Day 11-12: Jaipur – Pushkar: 150 Kms : CAR: Today morning transfer to Pushkar to enjoy the famous cattle fair and spend two nights in camp.

Day 13 : Pushkar – Jaipur : 150 Kms : CAR: Today evening transfer from Pushkar to Jaipur. Night stay in Jaipur.

Day 14-17: Jaipur – Jaisalmer OVERNIGHT TRAIN: Spend your day relaxing or exploring nearby sights in Jaipur. In the late evening transfer to the train station to board overnight train to Jaisalmer. Next day onwards visit Jaisalmer Fort, Havelis and Jain Temples, Camel rides and camp stay etc. Three nights stay in Jaisalmer.
TRAIN : Jaipur – Jaisalmer : Runs all days : Departs: 23.45 Hrs Arrives : 11.30 Hrs : Takes 11.45 Hrs

Day 18-22: Jaisalmer to Udaipur Via Jodhpur: OVERNIGHT TRAIN/ CAR: Today late evening transfer to the Jaisalmer train station to board midnight train to Jodhpur. Assistance upon arrival at Jodhpur train station next morning then transfer to Udaipur by car. Enjoy 4 nights stay in Udaipur and explore unmatched surroundings.

TRAIN: Jaisalmer – Jodhpur : Runs all days : Departs: 00.45 Hrs Arrives : 6.15 Hrs : Takes 5.30 Hrs


  • Jaisalmer – Udaipur : 545 Kms
  • Jodhpur – Udaipur : 261 Kms

Day 23-24: Udaipur – Mumbai: FLIGHT / OVERNIGHT TRAIN: Today spend your time relaxing or explore nearby destination. In the evening transfer to the Udaipur train station/airport to board train/flight to Mumbai. (flight option can be availed if required, that is recommended). Assistance at the train station/airport then transfer to the hotel. One night stay in Mumbai.
TRAIN : Udaipur – Mumbai: Runs 3 days : Wed, Fri, Sun: Departs : 21.35 Hrs Arrives : 13.40 Hrs : Takes 16 Hrs
FLIGHT : Udaipur – Mumbai : Departs : 1820 Hrs Arrives : 1945 Hrs approx takes 1.25 hrs

Day 25-26: Mumbai – Aurangabad: TRAIN: Today afternoon transfer to the train station to board train to Aurangabad. Two nights stay in Aurangabad.
TRAIN : Mumbai – Aurangabad: Runs all days : Departs : 1400 Hrs Arrives : 2010 Hrs : Takes 6 Hrs

Day 27: Aurangabad – Delhi: OVERNIGHT TRAIN / FLIGHT : Today afternoon, transfer to the train station to board overnight train to Delhi.

TRAIN: Aurangabad – Delhi: Runs all days : Departs: 1340 Hrs Arrives : 1210 Hrs : Takes 22 Hrs

FLIGHT: Aurangabad – Delhi:Departs : 1635 Hrs Arrives : 1840 Hrs approx takes 2 hrs if direct flight available. Connecting flight via Mumbai takes minimum 4 hrs or more that is not recommended. Other option is to drive/train back to Mumbai to board Delhi Flight. Please advice.

Day 28: Arrival Delhi : Assistance upon arrival at Delhi train station then transfer to the hotel. This day in Delhi for relaxation. Overnight stay in Delhi hotel.

Day 29: Depart Delhi : Travinfoindia thank you for your patronage and ensure a punctual transfer to the international airport to board flight back home. The trip ends.


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