Daman Daman is located on the west coast of India on the Arabian Sea, well equipped with exotic locations including sun, sand and sea. It has immense potential for tourism in India. It is an all season destination that consists more than 2000 years old historical locations and beautiful beaches. It falls under union territory of Daman & Diu, India. It enjoys close proximity to Mumbai and its nearest rail road is Vapi, 13 km away and geographical area is 72 square km. It is a popular tourist destination. This is mainly due to its relatively untouched beaches and freedom to drink liquor, which is prohibited in the neighboring state of Gujarat. It mainly attracts tourists from neighboring areas like Vapi, Valsad, Surat and even Baroda. There are two well known beaches in Daman i.e Devka beach and Jumpore beach.

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Fort of Nani Daman: This is a small fort with high stone walls encloses an area of 12,250 sq. meters. It has three bastions and two gateways. The most important part of the Fort is the giant gateway facing the river with large statue of St. Jerome and two giant human figures, on either side of the gateway. The imposing church of Our Lady of the Sea is the main building in the Fort.

Fort of Moti Daman: This fort is protected by a moat and connects the river to the sea. It is basically polygonal with projections at regular intervals of about 500 feet and carrying splayed angular bastions. The parapet above the fortification walls is without merlons but is provided with loopholes. The terraces close to the top of the wall are connected to the inner ground surface by open flight of steps at many places. There are barracks for defense personnel along the inner walls.

Church Of Bom Jesus: It is one of the most impressive buildings in Daman. It was constructed in 1603 AD and is a living tribute to the excellence achieved by Portuguese architects and artisans. There are richly carved doorways, highly decorated interiors and lofty ceilings that are aesthetically pleasant. You can see six beautiful statues built as per the best traditions of Roman Church art and architecture. Portuguese renovated the Bom Jesus church that was found damaged in their early rule.

Pargola Garden: It is a monument raised in memory of the Portuguese soldiers who fell during the liberation up rising at Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It has the resemblance of the Pantheon at Athens. At the entrance on the left side, almost attached to the Fort Gate is the modest dwelling where Bocage, 18th Century Portuguese poet lived.

Nani Daman : It offers awesome sight seeing places to the tourists such as Gandhi Park near Nani Daman jetty, Nani Daman Fort and the church inside and the fishing jetty where boats are anchored to name a few. The tourist crosses over to Moti Daman through the Daman – Ganga Bridge where you can see the massive Fort, the stately Light house, Gardens, Historic Monuments and ancient Churches in Gothic style etc.

Daman Ganga Tourist Complex: It is a unique integrated project with a Cafeteria, Cottages, Conference Hall, Amphi Theatre, Giant Water Falls, Water sports, Island Gardens and Fountains etc that provide all tourist facilities in single location. This complex is simply wonderful.

Chapel of Our Lady Rosary: Dates back to 17th century is a feast to the eyes of travelers.  It can be termed as devotional poetry at its best in wonderful wood work. The ceiling is abloom with rose-petals of a hundred hues and aglow with golden cherubs bringing benediction. Stories from the lives of the blessed saints find glorious illustration on the lateral walls of the Apse, speak of golden originality. It is perhaps the best piece of master craft in wood built by the Portuguese in India in the 16th Century.

Kadaiya Lake Garden: It is a man-made beautiful garden that offers panoramic view from the restaurant that offers variety of cuisines. You will find a lake surrounding two islands connected by a bridge. Moreover, fountains and beautiful boats add to its remarkable beauty. You may even enjoy computer games, toy train ride with your family. It is a famous location to shoot films.

Mirasol Water Park: It is located within the Kadaiya Lake Garden where you can enjoy Go-Carting, Jumper-Boat, Striking Car and other Thrilling Rides throughout the day.

Jetty Garden, Nani Daman: It is a beautifully designed riverside garden located at the bank of Damanganga River, Near Jetty, Moti Daman. There is attractive fountain, fun rides for children; river faced seating and cool green lawn in the garden that offers joyful evening for every visitor.

Devka Beach: It is one of the most favorite beaches in Daman that is very fascinating.   The beautiful and well tended amusement park with its musical fountain and kid’s corner has become very popular, attracting scores of tourists every weekend. When the park is illuminated on festive days, it provides an enchanting sight. Most of the food joints and posh hotels are just within walking distance. Taxis and auto rickshaws are easily available to take you to Devka. Those who are not very familiar with the beach at Devka should kindly take note that rough rocky formations are there beneath the water level.

Jampore Beach: It is another favorite beach that leads on to the border of Gujarat. It is a pleasant spot, where you may experience closeness with nature. Any novice can enjoy swimming on this beach as it is very convenient to swim here. You may even walk on the soft wet sand into the sea during low – tides. It is highly recommended to enjoy picnic with your family in the shade of Casurina plantation on the sea shore.

Climate in Daman

You may enjoy the pleasant climate in Daman throughout the year. In summer, Daman is blessed with cool breeze coming from the Arabian Sea. Maximum Temperature is 39 degree centigrade and minimum is 11 degree centigrade. The average annual rainfall is 1687 mm.

Best Time to visit Daman

The best time to visit Daman is between October and May, when the weather is cool and inviting. It is the time when you can enjoy the great cuisine of this region, but planning holiday in monsoon is also appealing.

Culture in Daman

Daman enjoys rich and multi – faced cultural heritage. Dance and Music are part of the daily life. You may also witness true fusion of cultures – tribal, urban, European and Indian in Daman. Various Portuguese dance forms are well preserved and widely presented even today. Tribal dances with caustic social comments are much in vogue.

Shopping in Daman

There is a good cool shopping area for foreign goods, named Foreign Market that is located in the middle of the Daman town close to the Police Station, Nani Daman. You may also enjoy beach shopping at Devka Beach and Nani Daman where you can shop for electronic goods, gift items, and attractive household appliances etc.

How to Reach

By Air: Mumbai is the nearest airport. There are domestic and international flights are available.

By Train: The nearest railhead is Vapi that is around 12 km away that is on the main railway line between Delhi and Mumbai. Another nearby railway station is Valsad Junction located 35 km away approximately.

By Taxi: Regular taxis can be availed between Daman and Vapi chargeable at per person basis.

By Road: Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway No. 8 connects Daman via Vapi. Distances from some prominent destinations are as follows

  • Mumbai: 193 km
  • Ahmedabad: 367 km.
  • Diu: 763 km
  • Panaji (Goa) via Mumbai: 787 km


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